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Sports Physiotherapist in Gurgaon – Finding the Right Physio for You

As I am sure you know it is very easy to find a Sports Physiotherapist in Gurgaon because there are so many to choose from. Problems arise when it comes to finding a good quality sports physiotherapist. And a treatment specialist who is right for you and your injury.

Sports physiotherapy a specialized branch of physiotherapy specifically aimed at sports-related injuries. And issues Sports injuries are different from everyday injuries because athletes put more stress on their bodies. Thereby straining the bones, joints, and muscles pushing your body to the limit.

Sports physiotherapists should have extensive knowledge and experience in evidence-based practice as well as efficient diagnosis. And assessment of sports injuries. If you are suffering from severe pain then you should consult a sports physiotherapist. At Physio Chiro Sports Physiotherapist Center is located in Gurgaon. They typically deal with sports injuries as well as other physical problems such as back and neck pain, post-operative rehabilitation, and overactive bladder.

Physio Chiro run and established by Dr. Sandeep Chauhan can be a decent option. Physio Chiro is one of the oldest and leading Clinic of Sports Physiotherapist in Gurgaon providing quality physiotherapy services.  At Physio Chiro, we have a team of experienced Physiotherapists who are highly passionate to work together to provide quality care to the patients.


Is Sports and Normal Physiotherapist Different?

Sports injuries are different from other physical injuries, and can occur around high-use areas or with sports-related contact. The repetitive nature of sports injuries means that specific structures are stressed on an ongoing basis.

Sports Physiotherapist in Gurgaon encompasses a variety of treatment methods. And strategies tailored to the athlete’s needs and performance goals. Physiotherapists can treat and manage athletes of all skill levels and eager to help you achieve maximum performance. And get you back to training as soon as possible.

They treat current sports injuries with utmost care and prevent potential injuries from recurring. They treat injuries and get an athlete back to a safe position as quickly as possible. Some physiotherapists guide an athlete as they train and return to competition after an injury.


Physio Chiro, the leading Sports Physiotherapist in Gurgaon possess additional skills including.

  • Sports-specific assessment and examinations
  • Superior myofascial treatment techniques
  • Adept muscle recruitment strategies
  • Advanced exercise prescription & late-stage rehabilitation
  • Periodization planning
  • Biomechanical knowledge of optimal technique
  • Video analysis & technique correction
  • Monitoring of training loads
  • Injury prevention screenings
  • Goal setting advice
  • Frequent and comprehensive liaison with coaching staff, strength & conditioning trainers, sports psychologists and nutritionists

Physio Chiro has treatment options for sports physiotherapy in Gurgaon includes

  • Manual therapy such as massage and joint mobilization
  • Thermal treatment such as heat or cold therapy
  • Exercise, flexibility, and mobility program
  • Reloading strategies
  • Biomechanical analysis and correction
  • Strapping, taping, or bracing

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